Best Hiking Boots Under $100 For Men & Women

Finding the best hiking boots is challenging enough. And finding the best hiking boots under $100 is an even greater task.

You have to worry about build quality, durability, comfort, and how versatile your new footwear will be. Then, when you factor in price, it opens a whole other can of worms.

There are several great brands of hiking boots that are affordable, comfortable, and mighty durable. But where do you start?

Needless to say, finding yourself a pair of quality, affordable hiking boots can be overwhelming.

Here's the good news: I took the guesswork and headaches out of it.

Whether you're a new hiker on a budget or need a pair of spare hiking boots, I've got you covered.

Combing through tons of articles makes it difficult to find great hiking boots for a good price. So I created this article to help simplify things for you.

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Our Picks for Best Hiking Boots Under $100

Top Men's Hiking Boots Under $100

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent5/5View on Amazon
Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera5/5View on Amazon
KEEN Men’s Voyageur4/5View on Amazon
Columbia Men’s Redmond4/5View on Amazon
Timberland Men’s White Ledge3/5View on Amazon

Top Women's Hiking Boots Under $100

Hi-Tec Women’s Skamania5/5View on Amazon
Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus5/5View on Amazon
Columbia Women’s Crestwood4/5View on Amazon
Timberland Women’s Mt Maddsen4/5View on Amazon
Merrell Women’s Siren Sport Q23/5View on Amazon

Best Men's Hiking Boots Under $100

Men's Moab 2 - affordable hiking boots

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Vented for breathability w/ breathable mesh lining
  • Great shock absorption
  • Removable insole
  • Suede leather & mesh upper
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Reasons to Buy

  • Very breathable
  • Sizing runs as expected
  • Removable Insole
  • Great for other activities
  • Very lightweight hiking boots under $100

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not Waterproof
  • Could use better laces
Top Pick!

Merrell has only been around since 1981. That's a pretty short period when compared to their competition.

For a company that's been around for more than half the time as a brand like Columbia, Merrell has certainly made an impact on the sportswear industry, which tells me they know what people want. That expertise shows with these hiking boots.

They are a great pair of affordable hiking boots that meet the requirements of everything on this list. They're constructed to withstand a beating, and they're vented to keep your feet cool on hot days.

Another perk to these hiking boots is they have a removable insole, which makes them easy to clean. This also allows you to throw in your insole of choice, or get a pair of replacement insoles from Merrell directly.

Here's the good news: they have a waterproof version available, though they are just over $100. For some, that extra couple of bucks might be worth itHere's the waterproof Moab 2 on Amazon. Another concern with these hiking boots is the laces get worn out quicker than the boots do, which seems to be a common trend in footwear these days. Consider upgrading the laces.

The Good

  • Vented and breathable: one of the biggest upsides to these boots is they are vented, which specifically addresses the breathability issues other hiking boots have. Merrell took the extra measure to increase airflow in these boots to keep your feet cool and comfy, which is great for those long, warm hikes.
  • Sizing is as expected: finding boots that fit properly is vital in preserving the condition of your feet and preventing blisters. These boots run exactly as expected, which takes the headache out of returning them and trying to find the right-fitting pair. You can rest assured that these will fit properly and as advertised.
  • Removable insole: as hikers, we like to customize our gear to make it truly our own. The Moab 2 has removable insoles that can be easily swapped for a replacement pair or your own choice of insole.
  • Very lightweight: don't fret over breaking a sweat. The Moab 2 doesn't impose discomfort on your hikes. They're very lightweight, which makes them great for long hikes and other activities, too.

The Bad

  • Not waterproof: though the fabrics used on these boots inherit some water-resistant qualities, the boots themselves are not waterproof. This might be good for some hikers, as you won't have to worry about overheating during a hike. However, you may want to think twice before dragging these through a creek bed.
  • Laces could be better: the biggest complaint I, and other users, have with these boots is not with the boot itself but the laces. Consider spending a couple of bucks for an extra pair of laces. Though, this is subjective to how often you use them. I hike very frequently, through several different types of terrain. My laces are no strangers to getting caked up with mud or coated in dust. Take the extra steps and clean your laces properly.

The Bottom-Line

If you want a pair of boots that will keep you cool, your feet comfortable, and last a long time, order a pair of these. They're durable as all heck and are great for hikers of all levels, not just beginners. Purchase these boots here

hi-tec bandera mens hiking boots

Hi-Tec Men's Bandera

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Very Affordable
  • Great Sole/Traction Design
  • Steel Shank (Great Stability)
  • Usable In All Weather
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Reasons to Buy

  • Perfect For All Seasons
  • No Break-In Period
  • Great Mid-Sole Support
  • Very Durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Can Be Squeaky
  • Slightly Narrow At The Toe
Top Pick!

Founded in England in 1974, Hi-Tec quickly expanded and started Hi-Tec Sports in Modesto, California (I'm not being biased to California companies, I promise!) in 1978. Hi-Tec developed the first-ever lightweight hiking boot.

These days, a lot of consumers view Hi-Tec as a work boot company, however, this is a misunderstanding. They're indeed a sports gear company, but their hiking boots are very versatile, which makes them a great pick for working conditions, too.

This particular boot is almost a contradiction: it's an affordable hiking boot, versatile, has great grip & stability, and is perfect for all-weather.

It almost doesn't make sense!

However, having used these, I can safely say the user reviews and product claims aren't far-fetched. These are the real deal for affordable hiking boots.

Aside from the great value of price-to-features, they're also stylish, which makes them perfect for the hiker who craves fashionable footwear.

If there is one thing I'd fix with these, though, it would be the laces. If you pick these up, be sure to purchase some solid replacement laces as these tend to wear out pretty quick.

The Good

  • Very Affordable: These Hi-Tec hiking boots are likely the most affordable you will find for the features they have.
  • Excellent Traction: You can use these on just about any surface. The traction and grip are phenomenal and will keep you secure and in place on your hikes.
  • Steel Shank: Aside from the traction, these boots are equipped with a steel shank, which makes them conquer the category of stability. It's something worth considering if you're a hiker who wants to improve your balance.
  • Versatile: Great for different types of weather. They're also a very solid work boot.

The Bad

  • Cheap Laces: Use the extra dollars you save on these for some replacement laces. That's the only gripe I have about them. The laces get chewed up and worn out pretty fast, which seems to be common in the footwear industry these days.

The Bottom-Line

These are a top pick for hikers who want versatility and also want to save a few bucks. I recommend them for beginners hikers and intermediate hikers, too. Purchase these boots here

Keen hiking boots under $100

KEEN Men's Voyageur-M

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Water-resistant & breathable
  • Very lightweight
  • Unique feel & fit
  • Perfect for declines & inclines
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Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight affordable hiking boots 
  • Perfect sizing
  • Water-resistant & breathable
  • Great For Incline & Decline HIkes

Reasons to Avoid

  • Pricey
Top Pick!

It was tough getting these onto this list. Not in regards to the boot's quality, but rather the price tag.

As of writing this in 2022, these boots will run slightly over $100 depending on the size. However, KEEN shouldn't be ignored.

The most recently established company on this list, KEEN has been around since 2003 when they emerged from Alameda, California (hey, we're neighbors!) and they've been sweeping through the outdoors industry ever since. So much so, that they've seen a growth in market share even during 2020.

KEEN is a highly reputable brand for the avid outdoors person. Even better, the quality of their products is second to none.

Having said that, their Men's Voyageur is a fantastic boot for hikers that want to save a little cash and have a long-lasting, affordable hiking boot.

The traction and grip of these hiking boots are insanely good. If you're like me and have a knack for traversing rocky terrain, that alone makes them worth every penny.

The Good

  • Lightweight: clocking in at just over 16 oz, these boots are extremely lightweight. You'll hardly notice you're wearing them on long hikes.
  • Perfect Fit: Unlike some of the other affordable hiking boots out there, the guesswork for the sizing is practically nil. These boots are true-to-size and fit as expected. No need to do any oversized or undersized calculations.
  • Water Resistant: not waterproof, but water-resistant. That's better than a fully waterproof boot if you're concerned about breathability.
  • Breathable: even better than being water-resistant, they're breathable, too! These hiking boots are vented and coupled with water-resistant material, which makes them a big win for most hikers.
  • Ankle/Toe Support: the feel of these hiking boots is a lot different than the others. Where most footwear has a snug grip around the laces, these have added support around the ankle and toe. What makes this great is that the boots feel almost non-existent. It gives a very comfortable fit. This makes them perfect for inclines and declines.

The Bad

  • Pricey: Yes, this list is supposed to be hiking boots under $100. However, most sizes of these KEEN boots are under $100. When you get to larger sizes, the price will go slightly over $100, though.

The Bottom-Line

These KEEN hiking boots are great for a comfortable hike, breathability, and keeping your feet dry. They run a little higher in price but, if your budget permits, they're recommended just for the comfort factors alone. If you plan on taking on hikes that involve a lot of inclined and declined walking, these are a must-have. Purchase These Boots Here

columbia hiking boots under $100

Columbia Men's Redmond

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Suitable for all seasons & weather-resistant
  • Great mid-sole support
  • As durable as you can get
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Reasons to Buy

  • Perfect for all seasons
  • No break-in period
  • Great mid-sole support
  • Very durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Squeaky
  • Narrow at the toe
Top Pick!

Columbia has become a household name when it comes to outdoor gear.

Founded in 1938, they've been around a bit and know a thing or two about creating great, quality hiking boots for an affordable price.

The Redmond Mid Waterproof Boot combines not only a fantastic design but great use and features, too.

This upper is made of leather & textile, making it a win in the durability department.

Aside from the upper, the midsole is crafted with the hiker's comfort in mind. You can take them on a very long hike without having to worry about those nagging foot aches.

They're also perfect for all weather. The traction and grip of the sole are designed to handle snow, ice, and regular dry terrain, too. This gives them a big win in the versatility department.

The Good

  • Multi-Weather Use: The grip of these hiking boots is designed for snow, ice, and dry conditions. This makes them very versatile, allowing you to take on icy hikes without the fear of losing grip or traction.
  • No Break-In: Unlike the other hiking boots, these require little-to-no break-in time. You can take them out of the box and put them to the trail with that new shoe smell fresh in your nostrils.
  • Mid-Sole Support: hikers often overlook the importance of good midsole support. These boots are a stellar example of comfortable boots. The midsole support keeps your feet feeling comfortable and ready to go the distance.
  • Durable: Leather & textile upper makes them very durable. You'll be hard-pressed to destroy these boots. They should last a very long time.

The Bad

  • Might Be Squeaky: Although I haven't personally experienced this issue, some users report that these boots might have a squeak to them. That's not normally a big deal, but it might get annoying to some.
  • Narrow At The Toe: Another downside to these boots is they run a little narrow at the toe. This isn't a big deal for some, but if you have particularly wide feet, the taper at the toe probably won't do you any favors.

The Bottom-Line

If you plan on hiking in different conditions like rain, snow, and even the dry seasons, these boots are perfect. Although they're not 100% waterproof, the traction and feel of these boots almost negate that fact. Pick these up if you're the versatile hiker. Purchase these boots here

Men's timberland boots under $100

Timberland Men's White Ledge

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
  • Removable anti-fatigue insole
  • Very few seams; waterproof
  • Eco-friendly: recycled rubber sole
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Reasons to Buy

  • Top-notch breathability
  • Very few seams meaning fewer water leaks
  • Removable insole — replacements available through Timberland
  • Great for other activities like working
  • Not overly warm due to no insulation

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not insulated (see "pros")
  • Run small so get a size bigger
  • Not as durable as the older version
Top Pick!

Originally the Abington Shoe Company and rebranded in 1973 as The Timberland Company, they have been known for their waterproof, yellow-colored boots.

Though Timberland boots were mostly seen as fashion boots in the late 90s and early 2000s, their quality and durability remained tough throughout. The company is still one of the top go-to's for hiking boots.

This particular pair is a great versatile boot, though it doesn't make a huge fashion statement like some of their more-known pairs. However, if you're using them for hiking, the lack of style is easily negated by their value.

The Good

  • Not Insulated: no insulation might be a bummer for hikers looking for a warm boot on cold days, but for the sake of versatility, it does just fine. What makes the lack of insulation a good thing is that you get a waterproof hiking boot without having to worry about overly warm feet on your hikes. Breathability is increased, too.
  • Very few seams: fewer seams means less chance of water leakage and seeping. They're closer to being air-tight without extra seems. Fewer seams also help with durability, as there are fewer areas for the boots to come apart.
  • Removable Anti-Fatigue insole: the insoles of these boots are designed for cushion and comfort. The bottom of them has a design that's well-equipped to handle impact and shock. And, the best part, it's very easy to find replacement insoles from Timberland.
  • Great for other activities: a lot of Timberland customers don't only use their boots for hiking or outdoor activities. The style and construction of these boots make them great for working conditions, too.

The Bad

  • Not insulated: yes, the lack of insulation is also mentioned under the good things about this hiking boot. For some hikers, though, insulation keeps your feet warmer, which is what some folks are after during cold weather. If you're looking for an affordable hiking boot that keeps your feet warm, these might not be your best pick.
  • Sizing runs small: based on user feedback, these run a little small. Consider getting a size bigger.

The Bottom-Line

These boots aren't our top-pick, but they're still great for those who want something different. They're for the maverick in all of us that goes against convention. The style of these boots is great for all occasions. They are great for starters, though, at the price, you might want to stick to some of the earlier-mentioned boots. Purchase these boots here

Best Women's Hiking Boots Under $100

womens hiking boots under 100 dollars

Hi-Tec Women's Skamania

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Steel shank; improved stability
  • EVA foam midsole which keeps your feet refreshed
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Reasons to Buy

  • Superior waterproofing
  • Very fast break-in time
  • Rust-proof hardware
  • Straight-up AMAZING grip
  • EVA-foam molded insole for superior comfort

Reasons to Avoid

  • They can run a bit narrow
Top Pick!

As with men's hiking boots, Hi-Tec also makes some seriously killer and affordable women's hiking boots, too.

These aren't only a great option for an affordable women's hiking boot, they blow the men's versions out of the water.

That's a pretty bold claim (literally), but I don't make that statement lightly.

First, these are not only waterproof, but they have a really quick break-in time. Even better, they're specifically constructed for comfort even when being used on rugged terrain.

The price tag is nice, but let's talk about attention to detail.

You see, there are some big oversights with hiking boots, regardless of manufacturer.

Most of the time, we pay attention to fabric, construction, and use. However, nobody ever takes a second to look at something that's just as important: the hardware on the boot.

Hi-Tec goes the extra mile here with these boots, providing them with rust-proof hardware.

That means you don't have to worry about the eyelets of your boots rusting out and chewing up your laces.

Not only is that a big plus as far as durability is concerned, but it also saves you a ton of money down the road.

That means say goodbye to replacing laces every couple of hundred miles.

The Good

  • Waterproof: The suede upper is waterproofed for those wet hikes. Though not as resistant as leather, these are still a great, breathable option for waterproof women's hiking boots.
  • Mesh & Suede Construction: Mesh & waterproof suede help keep these boots light, flexible, and also breathable.
  • Great Grip: These have some pretty deep cleats on the sole. So, what's the big deal about that? Well, that makes these fantastic for hiking rugged terrain. The grip alone is worth the purchase, in my opinion.
  • Rust-Proof Hardware: You know what sucks? Getting a great pair of hiking boots only to have the eyelets rust out. Luckily, these Hi-Tec Women's Boots have rust-proof hardware. Now that's attention to detail and quality. You won't have to worry about shoddy hardware rendering an otherwise great boot useless.
  • Fast Break-In Time: Because they're not constructed with leather, and thanks to the EVA-foam construction, you don't need to go tons of miles before these boots "feel right". They have a very fast break-in time, making them comfy right from the start.
  • Molded Insole: The molded insole provides more comfort and support on your feet. So don't expect to get blisters or aches wearing these, unless you purchased the wrong size.

The Bad

  • A Bit Narrow: Some users declare the taper of these boots to run a bit narrow. This, of course, depends on the size and structure of your feet, so take this point with a grain of salt.

The Bottom-Line

This is my bottom-line best pick for affordable women's hiking boots. Hands down. Not only are they a great pick for affordability, but they're also constructed with precision and care that you don't often see in the most affordable women's hiking boots. Regardless of your hiking experience level, consider giving these a try. Purchase these boots here

Women's newton ridge hiking boots under $100

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Waterproof & lightweight
  • Great for different types of terrain & pitches
  • Durable leather construction
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Reasons to Buy

  • Waterproof
  • Excellent traction
  • Versatile use
  • Durable as hell -- they hold up!
  • True-to-size fit

Reasons to Avoid

  • They can get a little hot because of the waterproofing
Top Pick!

Remember earlier in this list when I mentioned that Timberland, although highly remembered for its fashion, still makes a great hiking boot? This boot proves that statement's validity.

The Women's Newton Ridge Plus is, at the end of the day, a pound-for-pound great, affordable hiking boot for women.

The construction is solid. I would say bulletproof, but I don't want anyone getting any silly ideas and testing that out.

Jokes aside, if comfort, durability, and versatility are a must-have, these are the boots for you.

How can these hiking boots get any better? Well, how about the fact that they are waterproof, too. It's hard to ask for anything else.

The only downside that comes with these great women's hiking boots is that, because of the waterproofing and leather construction, your feet can get pretty hot in them. So they're not recommended for hiking in hot weather.

The Good

  • Durable: These women's hiking boots are made from leather, nylon, and synthetic materials in the sole (mostly rubber). You're gonna have a tough time tearing these apart.
  • Great Support: Foot support is important when you're on long hikes. These have great cushion and foot support, making sure you don't have to worry about suffering from nagging muscle pain.
  • Excellent Grip & Traction: The sole of these boots is designed for grip, traction, and stability, which also makes them very versatile. You'll have no problem going through creeks, rocks, or grass.
  • Waterproof: They are waterproof, not water-resistant. I still recommend applying a little waterproofing spray on them, though, just to preserve them longer.
  • Perfect Fit: The only women's hiking boot I've seen with a perfect fit. Don't worry about figuring out your size -- pick the size you normally wear and go!

The Bad

  • Can Get Hot: Luckily, this is the only downside to these boots. Because of the waterproofing, eclosed leather structure, they can heat up quickly. I wouldn't recommend them for hot weather hiking.

The Bottom-Line

If you're a gal who likes to get in a long hike with gear that lasts a long time, these are an absolute must-have. They're #1 on this women's hiking boot list for a reason. You will be able to lug these around for quite some time. Purchase these boots here

Women's hiking shoes under $100

Columbia Women's Crestwood

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Very comfortable for feet of all sizes
  • Waterproof, of course
  • OMNI-grip for varying terrain
Get Price & More Info

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent breathability
  • No break-time time. Ready to go right out of the box
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for different types of terrain and elevations

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not as durable as leather
  • Sizes run a bit small, so go for a half size up
Top Pick!

Wait — two Columbia boots in a row?

You bet.

Unlike the aforementioned pair, these hiking boots are constructed a lot differently, while possessing great benefits.

They're far more breathable and are still great options for creeks and even rocky terrain.

One particular plus for these boots is they're fantastic for taking on steep inclines/declines during a hike.

The Omni-Grip sole of these boots will keep you stable and in place, without having to worry about sliding down a hillside or losing your footing.

Another big plus is they're constructed in a way that makes them suitable for all foot widths, without having to buy a specifically made wide version.

The Good

  • Good Airflow: Unlike the other waterproof women's hiking boots, these have better breathability thanks to the multi-material construction. All-leather, waterproof boots are notorious for heating up quickly. These won't do that. They
  • Super Comfy: Unlike stiffer boots, these are very comfortable and should last a very long time.
  • No Break-In Time: Use them right out of the box. There's no break-in time for these. Most likely due to the materials they're constructed with.
  • Suitable For Multi-Terrain Hikes: Take them to some snowy mountains, then travel across the world and take a trek through some dry plains. No problem. They'll hold up just fine. The grip on these boots is awesome for all different types of terrain, from rugged to flat, wet to dry.

The Bad

  • Not As Durable As Others: Though they're comfy, these aren't as durable as a full leather hiking boot. This, of course, only matters depending on how much you're hiking and what kind of terrain you're traversing. If you're looking to take on seriously rugged hikes, for a long period, consider opting for leather boots. However, be warned that fully leather boots will get hot quickly.
  • Run Small: Most users suggest buying a half-size to full-size bigger in these boots. Consensus says they run a bit small, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

The Bottom-Line

These women's hiking boots are a great pick if you want comfort and waterproofing without sacrificing breathability. They're also fantastic where versatility is concerned. Purchase these boots here

women's timberland hiking boot under $100

Timberland Women’s Mt Maddsen

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Excellent for use in the rain
  • Comfortable fit on all types of terrain
  • Excellent styling -- one of the better-looking boots
Get Price & More Info

Reasons to Buy

  • Tough as nails! They'll hold up for a long time
  • Perfect waterproofing and grip for rainy days and wet conditions
  • Perfect for keeping your feet dry and warm in the cold seasons

Reasons to Avoid

  • No high arch support
  • Run small (get a size bigger)
Top Pick!

There's a lot to be said about these women's Timberland boots.

First of all, they're wonderous if you fancy taking hikes or treks in the rain. Not only are they waterproof, but they keep your feet toasty AND dry. It's not witchcraft - it's great construction. There's a big problem with a lot of waterproof boots causing overheating. Luckily, these boots don't have that problem.

The grip on them is also well-equipped for handling rainy and wet terrain, which makes them a winner in my book as far as versatility is concerned.

One specific thing I would like to touch on is the styling: it has a very neutral look, which is a big plus. You see, women's variants for gear are often styled to look more "feminine". And, while that's great for some, it's not so great for the utilitarians out there. Sometimes you just want a boot that handles business and doesn't express your inner style.

And when I say "handle business", I mean it. These boots are tough and straight-to-the-point. They'll get the job done, whether in the mountains or at the local park.

The downside of these boots, however, is they lack high-arch support and run a bit small. The simple solution is to buy some insoles, however, that means spending more cash on something that should be handled out of the box.

The Good

  • Great Rainy-Day Boots: Aside from being waterproof, they don't overheat like a lot of waterproof hiking boots on the market. They've got some good breathability, which keeps your feet dry and comfy during the rainy days.
  • Versatile: These are designed to handle a multitude of weather and terrain conditions. Slide them on for the rain, or even for the heat. They're a lot more breathable than other waterproof hiking boots.
  • Rugged & Tough: The no-nonsense construction of these boots means they're more-than-capable of handling anything you throw at them.
  • Great Styling: The neutral styling of these boots doesn't advertise any particular personality type, which makes them great for multi-use, too. Wear them casually, for work, and those long hikes.

The Bad

  • No High-Arch Support: Some of us need high-arch support. Unfortunately, these boots don't have that, which can be a big flaw for some.
  • Run Small: consider purchasing a size bigger.

The Bottom-Line

If you don't have high arches and want a boot that's all business, pick these up. They're as tough as nails and won't quit on you. They're perfect for wet conditions, too. Purchase these boots here

women's siren hiking boots under $100

Merrell Women's Siren Sport Q2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Very lightweight
  • Really good breathability
  • Removable insole, which offers some arch-support options
Get Price & More Info

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Waterproof yet still vented

Reasons to Avoid

  • They can be tight on the ankle
  • Run small (get a size bigger)
Top Pick!

If you're looking for a pair of lightweight women's hiking boots, look no further.

These Merrell Siren Q2 boots made this list because of their weight and versatility. Plain and simple.

A pair of these weighs slightly over 1lb. That's incredibly light. And, even better, they're able to still keep your feet warm during the winter seasons (yes, even in the snow) and they also have great breathability for warmer climates.

The big downside to these (might be an upside for some) is the boots can feel a bit tight around the ankle.

Some hikers don't mind it as it provides a secure fit. However, some hikers find it to be a nagging annoyance. It all comes down to preference, in this case.

The Good

  • Great For Snow: It's not often you see a hiking boot that's great in heat AND snow, however, these make it work. Though, don't go nuts and try trekking through tons of snow -- the tread depth on them isn't that deep.
  • Lightweight: A pair (both boots) weighs only slightly over a pound. This makes them incredibly lightweight, ensuring you don't suffer from fatigue on those very long hikes.
  • Breathable: Not only do these keep your feet warm in the icy seasons, but they also keep them cool and dry under the sun, too.
  • Stable: They're a bit snug around the ankle (see: the bad). On the upside, this improves stability for some hikers.

The Bad

  • Tight On The Ankle: This might be a good thing for some hikers, but others might complain that this becomes an impedance after a while.
  • Run Small (Get A Bigger Size): As with most footwear, these tend to run a bit smaller so be sure to pick up a larger size.
  • Not As Durable As Others: The big downside with these is they aren't as durable as the other boots on this list. They're great if you're just starting, though, and don't plan on logging a ton of miles so early on in your hiking adventures.

The Bottom-Line

These are great for multi-weather hikers, and new hikers who don't plan to log a ton of miles on hikes. Purchase these boots here

The Importance of Good, Affordable Hiking Boots

You might notice this list mentions affordable hiking boots and not "cheap hiking boots".

There's a simple reason for that: quality.

You see, in my opinion, cheap refers to quality, whereas affordable refers to a monetary amount.

Although cheap hiking footwear may save you a couple of bucks, there's a good chance you will sacrifice quality with that price tag.

That's not good.

After all, you care about the protection and safety of your feet, right?

That's a loaded question. Of course, you do!

Having said that, we need to find you a pair of hiking boots that are affordable, durable, and long-lasting. Something a "cheap" quality won't usually have.

Going out for a trek or a hike in "cheap hiking boots" can spell disaster not only for your body but your wallet.

Think about it like this: when you're buying cheap, shoddy gear, the quality will degrade much faster than that of affordable, quality gear.

This means, over time, you'll have to replace it more often, costing you more money down the road than it would have if you opted for well-constructed gear.

The worst-case scenario here is you opt for cheap hiking boots and, because of low quality, end up hurting your feet and developing problems.

We don't want that under any circumstance.

It's in your best interest to protect your feet and legs for as long as possible. You're gonna need them, after all.

Because of that, this list is made up of hiking boots that aren't only affordable but have great quality, too.

The last thing I want is for a new hiker to have a miserable adventure and get scared off from the sport forever.

What You Should Consider For Affordable Hiking Boots

There are several things to bear in mind when getting a new pair of hiking boots.

It's not always easy, either.

Not only do you have budget constraints, but you also have to factor in the quality of the boot, durability, intended use, etc.

Whenever you're looking for new hiking boots, your main concerns should be durability and comfort.

Plain and simple.

There's no point in lugging around a pair of pretty-looking hiking boots if they're hampering your activity levels and causing problems.

What's more, you probably don't want to spend cash on a pair of boots that are only viable for one type of terrain or a particular season of the year.

Some hikers, myself included, like using their hiking boots for other occasions, like gardening, camping, and even home improvement.

How To Choose The Best Affordable Hiking Boots:

  • Comfort: Having a comfortable pair of hiking boots is essential. It makes a measurable difference between enjoying a nice, pleasant hike, to undertaking a grueling walk with pain and discomfort. It's important to pick a pair of boots that are known for comfort. Yes, there are affordable yet comfortable hiking boots on this list.
  • Weight: The weight of your footwear is important, too. Some hikers don't mind a heavier boot, as they increase stability slightly. However, if you fancy a more nimble hike, it's best to keep weight to a minimum. Heavy hiking boots can wear out inexperienced hikers. The upside: they build your strength and endurance.
  • Versatility: You're looking for affordable hiking boots, which means you'd probably like to get the best bang-for-your-buck. With that considered, opt for a pair of boots that are suitable for everyday use and aren't confined to one particular season. For example, hiking boots for the snow are miserable to wear in the summer.
  • Amount Of Use: How often do you plan on using your boots? Will you be logging a ton of miles on them, or will you only use them specifically for hiking? Knowing this helps you determine how long your boots will last.
  • Proper Sizing: People always accuse hiking boots of causing blisters. This is a load if I've ever heard it. The truth is, blisters come from friction, which happens when your boots are too loose. Another cause of blisters is the types of socks worn. However, to avoid this problem, always make sure your boots fit properly before you take them out on the trail.

Should You Trust This List?

When you're looking for a good pair of hiking boots under $100, subjectivity can be a detriment.

What Joe thinks is good for Sally might not always be the best option.

For that reason, several considerations were made before creating this list. This is to help you make the best decision when purchasing your footwear.

It's important to know that you're getting what works best, and not the subjective opinion of one person. Because of this, not only was personal experience leveraged for this list but user feedback was utilized, too.

Before you dive in, you should know that I do my best to help users find hiking gear that's not only beneficial but keeps them safe, too.

At the end of the day, though, it's up to you to make the best-educated decision you can.

How The Hiking Boots Were Chosen:

  • Personal Use: I have personally used a few of the hiking boots listed here. However, don't let that sway your decision. I did my best to shelve my biases and keep the opinions as neutral as possible for the sake of you, the hiker.
  • User Feedback: One opinion shouldn't be the weight of a decision. Because of that, I've gathered user feedback for each hiking boot to determine which ones are worth looking into.
  • Value-to-Price: Getting hiking boots for an affordable price is great. What's even better is getting a pair of affordable hiking boots that have a ton of value. The value of the items listed here comes from overall factors, like the considerations in this list.
  • Durability: Materials and construction were heavily examined for the boots on this list. You want your gear to take a beating and still have plenty of life left in them. Therefore, all of these boots are known for their durability.
  • Breathability: Another important factor is breathability. If you plan on taking hikes in hot weather, waterproofed boots probably aren't the best choice. Some of the boots on this list have waterproofing, which is pretty common. This can slightly hinder breathability and keep your feet warm, which is excellent for hiking on cold days.
  • Usability: Usability is important. I'm including boots that are versatile and usable in several different environmental conditions. This will help you get a pair of boots you can use for several different occasions and not only hiking.

Hiking Boots FAQ

How Long Will Hiking Boots Last?

When purchasing hiking boots, you may find yourself wondering how long your hiking boots will last.

This is a valid concern when buying any hiking boots, not just affordable hiking boots.

So, how long do hiking boots last? The short answer is between 500-1000 miles.

If that seems like a broad range to you, I agree. There is a more detailed answer in this article.

When Should I Replace My Hiking Boots?

As mentioned, it's a good move to replace your hiking boots every 500-1000 miles.

Having said that, don't toss your pair of boots just yet because you've logged an arbitrary number on them.

There are easy-to-recognizable signs you can look out for.

Knowing these signs will help you narrow down a timeline of when to replace your boots.

For a better understanding, read this article that explains when to replace your boots.

Do Hiking Boots Cause Back Pain?

Good hiking boots often help prevent back pain. However, hiking boots can cause problems when they're too worn down.

Make sure you aren't hiking in a pair that has overstayed their welcome. Also, take the proper steps to know, for sure, that your footwear is the cause of your back pain when hiking.