should you bring a gps hiking

Hiking With GPS: Should You Bring a GPS Hiking?

Should you bring a standalone GPS hiking? Let's explore why a standalone GPS may be a better choice than your handy smartphone.
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Hiking Muscles Worked - What Muscles Does Hiking Work?

Hiking Muscles Worked — What Muscles Does Hiking Work?

It might seem obvious that hiking works your leg muscles. However, some of the other muscles worked from hiking may surprise you.
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Barefoot Hiking - The Pros, Cons, and How to Do It

Every hiker has wondered, "can you go hiking barefoot?". Yes you can, but it's not as simple as you think. Here are the pros and cons.
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Hiking in Running Shoes — Is It OK To Wear Running Shoes For Hiking?

Can you wear running shoes for hiking? This article answers the frequent question, "are running shoes ok for hiking?"
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Hiking Alone - Is Solo Hiking Safe?

Going hiking alone is a good way to connect with yourself. But is it safe to hike alone? Find out the pros and cons.
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Backpack Weight For Hiking — How Much Should Your Pack Weigh?

What's an ideal backpack weight for hiking? Find out how to figure out what your hiking backpack should weigh.
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Hiking vs Trekking — What's the difference?

Trekking vs Hiking: What are the differences between hiking and trekking, and which should you choose?
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How Long Do Hiking Boots Last? Find Out When To Replace Them

How long do hiking boots last? Your boots get you through a lot. Know when you can expect to replace them.
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Benefits Of Hiking

You know the big benefits of hiking, now discover the little-known benefits of hiking. You'll wish you knew these sooner.
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Does Hiking Burn Fat? Consider Hiking For Fat Loss

We know hiking builds muscle, but does hiking burn fat? This is why you should consider hiking for fat loss.
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